Dear boys and girls!

You are welcome to take part in our English-speaking week!

Let's speak only English the  week!


What are we going to have? 

1. An Hour of Merry Competition (4th form)

Час веселих змагань

2. Talk-show "We are friends" (5th form)

3. Blitz-quiz "The Smartest" (6th form)

Бліц-вікторина «Найрозумніший»

4. We love learning English. (7th form)

5. School is the best thing in the world, isn't it?

(8th form) Presentation of the newspaper.

6. Press-conference "You are welcome to the USA" (9 form)

7. Questionnaire (анкета) "Know yourself and you will know the world" (10th form)

8. Quiz "Do you know..." (10th form)




Choose a book, as you choose a friend
Вибирай книжку, як вибираєш друга


 A good beginning is half the battle.

A good beginning makes a good ending.

In every beginning think of the end

Добрий початок – половина діла


 Actions speak louder than words.

It is better to do well than to say well.

 Менше говори – більше діла твори


 He who makes no mistakes, makes nothing.

He that nothing asks nothing learns.

Не помиляється той, хто нічого не робить.


 Good health is above wealth.

Wealth is nothing without health.

 Найбільше багатство - здоров’я.


 After dinner sit a while, after supper walk a mile.

Після обіду трохи посиди, а після вечері більше походи.


If you want a thing well done, do it yourself.

 Якщо хочеш, щоб щось було добре зроблено, то зроби сам.


 To know everything is to know nothing.

 Усе знати неможливо.


The more you live,

The more you see.

The more you see,

The more you know. 

Чим більше живеш,

Тим більше бачиш.

Чим більше бачиш,

Тим більше знаєш


 To know everything is to know nothing

 Усе знати неможливо.


 Other countries have a «climate», in England we have «weather».
У всіх країнах «клімат», а в Англії «погода».


 When two Englishmen meet, their first talk is about the weather.
Зустрічаючись, англійці спочатку говорять про погоду.




1. If yesterday two weeks ago was Saturday, what day will be tomorrow?

2. How long will a 7-day clock run without winding?

3. Why do white sheep eat more grass than black sheep?

4. What does a cat have that no other animals have?

5.  When the clock strikes 13, what time is it?

6. How many eggs can the giant eat on an empty stomach?

7. What is the end of everything?

8. How far can you go into the forest?

9. What goes up and never goes down?

10. What is there in your house, that you must look into?

11. Three men were under one umbrella, but nobody was wet. How did they do it?

12. When may a boy’s coat pocket be empty and at the same time have something in it?

13. What is that every person has seen, but will never see again.